Florida boaters deserve transparency and peace of mind -- even if they experience a problem on the water or need assistance.

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The Issue

Unfortunately, many maritime salvage and towing services take advantage of innocent boat owners who experience trouble on the waters. These questionable companies offer assistance, but leave boat owners with outrageous and unexpected bills that far exceed the value. From claiming simple help is a “salvage” to embracing deceptive marketing practices, these surprise charges and shady practices need to be addressed. This is more than wrong, it’s the equivalent of modern day piracy on the seas. It’s time to raise awareness about this issue and hold Florida’s maritime salvage and towing companies to a higher standard.

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I’ve spent the last 40 years as a boater, and I certainly enjoy spending time on the water. I live part of the year in…


Due to a loophole in federal admiralty law, maritime salvage and towing companies are able to take advantage of Florida boaters by charging exorbitant fees…


Ahoy matey! The state of Florida appears to have a ‘pirate’ problem along its many miles of coastline. While Florida is too far for Somali…

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of Florida boaters support requiring an estimate before assistance is provided on the water.

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There are more than 930,000 registered boats in Florida.