About Us

Stop Sea Piracy is a campaign to raise awareness about the maritime salvage and towing industry in Florida and across the nation, and to advocate for reasonable reforms. These reforms will increase transparency and accountability for the industry, and benefit all boaters and consumers. While the majority of maritime salvage and towing operators provide an incredibly valuable service, some operators take advantage of boaters by charging unreasonable fees for assistance – often these fees are not disclosed until after service has been provided.

Boaters who experience a problem on the water are in a vulnerable position. They deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they will not be taken advantage of by predatory business practices. This campaign is sponsored by Florida Public Advocacy, LLC.

Florida Public Advocacy, LLC.
Florida Public Advocacy is a Florida-based organization that promotes responsible public policy at the state level that prioritizes consumers. Florida Public Advocacy advocates for transparency and accountability in both the government and business sectors and engages in communications campaigns that ensure commonsense reforms are enacted to protect Floridians.